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Having your brows always on fleek will always be a girl's motto. Well for me, honestly, I don't know how to fix my brows, I don't even care if it looks messy or something. I just tried using the eyebrow pencil recently to just put a little life on it. Know how my eyebrow adventure went on Wednesday afternoon. 

On my busy wednesday schedule, I visited Benefit PH's branch in ATC to try their Brow waxing. It's actually my first time to fix my eyebrows, - oh wait no, Actually I had it kinda fixed in one of the photoshoot's I've done but it's just a simple changes. Now, I totally had the guts to have my eyebrow fixed. The reason why I don't let anyone do my eyebrows is because I think that my brows are okay and it doesn't need fixing but I just realized as I grow old, my eyebrow gets more 'sabog' honestly speaking.  My Brow's are not goals just like Ida Anduyan's so I gave the Brow Waxing a Chance. 

It's actually my 3rd time to visit the Benefit PH branch in Alabang Town Center since it opened last September 2014. Because admit it if you have been visiting Benefit their cosmetics are way to expensive for a not make up lover at all but I guarantee that they give good service since I've tried their Brow Waxing. 

The Nervous excitement I've been feeling since I sat on that browing chair. I'm excited because this is my first time and finally I can say that "my brows are on fleek gurl" and at the same time nervous because if it didn't went out well, my mom will kill me, she loves my brows so much that's why I always ask for her permission every time I have to do something on my brows. Okay, don't stop reading here cause I still have to share you my experience and how the brow waxing goes. 

1. First they asked me to sign a waiver, because of course Safety first!

2. Brow Mapping
- Line it, Mark it, Shape it, Fabulous! Brow Mapping is a great way to find the perfect shape for your eyebrows. This can also be use when you're doing your brow, by just using the Benefit Brow Zing to make the designated points and you're good to go for lining.

3. Waxing
-Ones they've perfectly lined your brows it's time for waxing! These are the items they will be needing. 
1st bottle with Azu lala (sorry I forgot what it's called) but they use this to make sure the wax will stick. After pulling out the wax strip the aloe vera will be the one to cool it, and when waxing done, Off to the Alcohol/Sanitizer 

4. Tweezing the excess hair
-By tweezing it will help more to clean the excess hair that the wax strip can't remove. It will also help to shape the brows. 

5. Brows now on fleek!
-Finally done with waxing! It's not that bad and it doesn't hurt! 

Brow Services & Prices
Brow Wax: 650php
Brow Tint: 650php
Brow Wax & Tint: 1,100php
Brow & Lip Wax: 1,100php
Brow + Lip + Chin Wax: 1,600php
Brow + tint + lip Wax: 1,600php

Wax Services & Prices
Lip Wax: 650php
Chin Wax: 650php
Lip & chin Wax: 1,100php

Lash Services
Lash Application: 100php
* lash pricing excludes the purchase of lashes

I will be doing another blog about the complete set of Benefit PH Brow pamper tools, make sure to stay tuned! Also, if you have tried their Brow Waxing service please comment down below your experience I wanna know how it went for you!

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    1. Hi CJ, Yes I am cause my eyesight is very bad! I just got mine from EO, I'm just not sure with the name, but it's brown!


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