How did push cart become the best? FIND OUT!

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Isn't it odd that I am actually writing an article about push cart? Well for starters who doesn't like push cart? Since you were little you've wanted to go to the grocery store just cause you want to sit there and munch on your mom's grocery list. - including Peanut Butter. 

I remember back in college when I had to study how and why was the pushcart invented, it is something un-related with my thesis but I have to go on a further study. It was back in 1940 when the pushcarts were introduced, it was then happened in a store in Oklahoma City in where Sylvan Goldman had a problem as a customary. He noticed that once the basket got too heavy customers will have to go on with the counter to pay for what they've bought, with this Goldman figured out a way to make heavy baskets more manageable to keep their customers in buying. Days gone by when he happened to look at a wooden folding chair and that's where his inspiration worked. He place a basket on the seat and another under the chair then he imagined it with wheels and handle on the back then TA-DA. The pushcart was invented!!!! You can go Google on them if you want more information cause that's the only thing I remember now... 

So on with the history of pushcart, now how did it become the best?

1. Mom's enjoy grocery shopping with their munchkins. As well as munchkins do enjoy riding it! 
Shopping day!:

2. You get to fill out the whole push cart with your PMS cravings and still look innocent. 
Full cart: The actress pushed a cart full of groceries...:

3. and.... Kate Middleton still does her own grocery
Doing the weekly shop, Duchess? Kate joins the rest of the supermarket shoppers by grabbing a trolley:

4. How bout a photo shoot props?? 
It's been a long time since I had a shoot and I really think i needed one, because my FB profile picture is so old already *crooo croo millennial problem* hahaha!

Pants: Stylite
Plaid Polo: Stylite
Sneakers: Keds

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  1. Push carts are my kind of thing when I'm having groceries, even i only buy a couple of items i still used them LOL. It was a great information with the history of pushcart, ^^ thanks for sharing though.


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