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These days, many of us can't do exercise anymore, that simple stretching when you wake up, that early morning jog and that walk through the streets on the way to work. Many of us haven't done these exercises as we all know that this are the main key ingredient for being fit and healthy - Why? because of our busy schedule. 
With our busy schedule due to either work or school we usually do unhealthy living, eating in fast food chains cause that's faster and the only thing near your office cause you don't have time to cook and pack a real lunch. Many of us do lack discipline when it comes to keeping our body fit and healthy, I myself is an example. 

Let me tell you my daily routine, I wake up late cause my work usually starts at 10am, so I get to watch TV series at night till I get sleepy (sometimes I just get 3-4 hours of sleep when I get too excited). When I wake up in the morning, the only stretching I do is for my back since I have scoliosis (which I got for always being stubborn like Lying down the whole day or just being a couch potato.) When I get to work, I'll be busy the whole day, I don't even try to stand on my swivel chair and just try to drag it with me when I have to get something also a plus that my work is just a one trike away from my house, I get dropped of in front of it so there's no long walks involved. 

That was then, when I am still stubborn with my life, cause Hey I just graduated a year ago, and I think it's time to lay low for a bit. Now, I am trying to reach my dream job and being away from home makes me think of "Can I handle long commute and walking?" when In the first place I was not actually prepared for this but I thought it will be also good for myself, since even though I am busy, by that long commute and walking the way to the office, it helps me exercise in some point, it helps my body become strong. It best comes with a beauty regimes, I gotta tell you honesty, we don't just depend on beauty regimes, it always comes with a healthy habit. At the age of 21 I feel like I am so old as I don't feel my face so fresh again, I discovered ATC's VITA E 400IU softgel capsule that contains Vitamin E that Protects the cell agains free radicals. It works from the inside, making my skin youthful and glowing as ever.   It also prevents Neurologic disorder and Vitamin E Deficiency occuring in Malabsorption Disorder.  

ATC's Vita-E only costs P14.00 per capsule and P420.00 for a box of 30's and it is just easy to take, you just have to Take 2 capsules of Vita E everyday before or after meal (preferably with warm water or as prescribed by physician) *Please note that this is NOT SUITABLE FOR PREGNANT WOMEN.  

Now you can Go E for effortless beauty with benefits of !

*Helps in maintaining the functions of the heart and blood vessels
*Provides all-around protection for a healthy immune system
*Lower the risk of cancer, heart disease and stroke
*Maintains the skin's youthful glow
*Promotes good eyesight

One of my main concerns also that my body is thin but my tummy gets big (Well for starters I am not pregnant) Hahaha! As I asked my mom about this, she told me that I got it from always sitting and lying down right after I eat, (Hey! I am on food coma!)  - That happens because it takes awhile for you body to metabolize your food intake when you're always sitting down, this usually happens to working people like me, We tend to sit down for more than 7 hours and usually eating Fast food that can give us unwanted fats! While ATC has a regime for having a healthy skin, they also have  FatOut. 

FatOut contains the revolutionary sweep and shred formula which helps in cleansing your colon and burns down your fats for a sexier and healthier you. It also shreds fats by speeding up metabolisim. 

FatOut costs P125 per capsule and P3,750 a box of 30's. (Also, This is NOT SUITABLE FOR PREGNANT WOMEN)

Benefits of using FatOut!

*PSYLLIUM HUSK SWEEPS known as the super fiber, cleans the colon and sweeps away toxins
*GREEN TEA EXTRACT SHEDS has been known to be effective in weight loss as it burns and
*Pu’er Tea Extract eliminates hard-to- digest fats
*Alfalfa nourishes the digestive system
*Oat Fiber controls the appetite and burns down your fats, for a sexier and healthier you.


Vita-E and FatOut are available in all leading drugstores nationwide. Vita-E can be found in Mercury Drugstore,Watsons, and South Star Drug. It is also available in supermarkets such as SM SaveMore.

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