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SM Woman, along with SM GTW, SM POP, SM URBAN has been in the clothing industry for awhile now. I remember when I entered college I didn't want to shop at Forever 21, Cotton On, or H&M cause I know college girls would most preferably shop at those stores.
 And so I went to SM Department store (more on GIRLS TEENS WEAR) instead. In where I found so many classic and so urban pieces. I remember having at least 3,000 pesos budget i can get as much as 10 outfit, you just have to dig dip and i suggest you go whenever it's on 70% off sale! Now that I finally finished college (which is in a year now hahaha) i have to "adult" in some point and now, i don't just shop at SM GTW but also in SM Woman! I am now entering the corporate world so I guess I need to have corporate but still fashionable outfit and I got to witness how SM Woman offer classic ensembles and good quality pieces in where they held a 3-day Fashion Event. 

Okay so, I didn't really have my OOTD photo since I got in late, and when I got in the venue, they were on a 30 minute styling activity to showcase a Party & Leisure look. Together with my partner Aggy Nuguid, we went for a 15 minute on the spot shopping (that is what happens when you get into events so late). I was the one who went for a Party Look, crazy we picked a black ragged top and a leather skirt to complement with the boots I'm wearing. Unluckily when we were about to pay, we are short of at around 300 pesos to cover our whole outfit - Anyway we were given a worth 2,000 SM Woman GC for the styling contest. and so then we decided to not get the leather skirt instead just buy the ragged top we got from SM Urban collection and just pull it off with my leggings and boots. Now we have 2 minutes left and we have to wear what we both (Which we didn't know in the first place) We can't go to the fitting room anymore so we just decided to wear the clothes at the back of the clothing racks. Thanks to my Clozette babes who helped us!  

And so ta da! This was the "Ragged top" I was telling you about it's just about 349.00 at SM Urban!

Photo grabbed from SM Woman's  FB Page

Funny part is, they chose 10 girls from almost 50 (as i estimated) to do the runway. And as they were taking this photo I am not really overwhelmed but I am really nervous hahahaha like seriously, I wore my 3" boots after 3 months and now I am walking the runway like are u kidding me or something.. and so we went into the process..... and here it is..... 

*Actually I have a video of me walking, but my mom decided to rotate and rotate my phone while she was videoing so it will just make you dizzy so anyway*

and now it's time to go Shoppppppppppppping 

Here are some main essentials I got, it costs me around 2,300 for all 4 Corporate attire, which I will be blogging soon! so stay tuned! 

To see more from SM Woman’s collection
 visit them at https://www.facebook.com/SMWoman  

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