Product Review: Belle Kris 4 seasons lotion collection

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A good healthy smooth skin is one of my obsessions, I don't like seeing white dry skin whenever i scratch my legs or arms. Our skin is always exposed to various threats such as over exposure to heat and dust. 

When it comes to choosing my lotions, i will always make sure that it is not sticky and also it should smell good. Applying body lotion is one of the inexpensive ways that we can proper take care of our skin and that's why I make sure i use it regularly. Using lotion regularly keeps your skin healthy and soften elbows, knees, heels and other dry skin areas. I use different lotions recently cause I am still experimenting on what will I use on a daily basis for my whole body. When it comes to my hand i make sure to have lotion inside my bag, one of my daily essentials. 

Many would agree that it is a useful product so all the more reason to have one for your everyday routine. I recently discovered Belle Kris Ph, it is a perfumed hand and body lotion manufactured by La Belle Moi Inc. Their hand and body lotion moisturizers nowadays have been developed to meet the various needs of today's consumers. These products span the range from lightweight lotions designed to provide a pampering feeling for normal skin to thick creams formulated to relive dry skin. Combined with a very intensive selection of ingredients and series of tests made by the company's specialists, Belle Kris is made with perfume from Spain and with an active moisturizing formula that can restore day skin and can keep the body moisturized and fragrant through out the day

Belle Kris seasons collections come in four variants

Blissful Autumn
- The scent feels so cool and fresh, definitely perfect for slumber parties! 

Moonlight winter
- I think this is best to use before sleeping, the scent is so calming!

Youthful Spring
-this reminds me of a baby powder, you'll feel fresh after applying it!

Sweet Summer 
- it really smells like a fresh flowers and this is definitely my most favorite!

With these names, I am confident that you would have a problem in finding the right scent for you, why not get it all right? It is non-sticky lotion which is absorbs by the skin fast and take less time to dry leaving it looking and feeling nourished. You're back with a baby smooth skin 

For more information you can visit Belle Kris PH at 



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