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Having a nice screen is one of my must haves, I don't just use TV for entertainment but I also use it with work, I sometimes do watch Youtube Videos, do 3D Modeling, edit videos or even use it as a computer screen. How bout you? What are you looking for a home screen? 

Two weeks ago, I was invited on an intimate lunch together with my fellow country's bloggers and digital influencers at The Big Bad Wolf in Burgos Circle, BGC. It was my first time to be in Burgos Circle and I didn't know that it actually exist, cause #SouthGirlProblems - I was actually like 30 minutes early in the event I even saw them setting up.

 It was a Sharp event, I was actually on a 50/50 decision whether to accept the invite or not cause first I am not a tech blogger and I don't know if I will be helpful for Sharp. Then I learned to get out of my comfort zone and I accepted the invite. Although Sharp is just amazing in producing televisions and appliances and most of their products are in my house. 

As we all now SHARP is known for making its name in the industry for an endless innovation and to ensure that their products satisfy their consumers needs. I'm not surprised that they introduced to us their 3 new innovation in one sitting. It is the ISDB (Integrated services digital broadcasting) Digital Television which is really helpful for those who lives in the area with no cable connection and it is best during calamities, second is the 4k Ultra HD Android Television that is perfect for every corporate person and last but not the least my most favorite, their recently developed SAMM (Sharp Active Multimedia) karaoke System.


Sharp is the first Digital Television that uses ISDB-T (Integrated services digital broadcasting). It was too complicated to understand but it's just a Digital Broadcasting television that is Japan-Based standard for radio and television broadcasting. If you're wondering what is Digital Television, it actually like a TV box but this one is built in, means you don't have to buy the TV and the TV box seperate - and it can actually save more space on your living room. Also, Digital TV is more clearer than Analog TV (TV Box). As i mentioned awhile ago, this television is perfect for location that doesn't have cable connection and guess what? It also have the EWBS (Emergency Warning Broadcast System) and BML (Broadcast Markup Language) which are useful during calamities. If you're wondering how this works, simple if you're watching an entertainment show and there's an EMERGENCY WARNING BROADCAST, it will automatically pop up in your screen just like your Facebook notfication. Cool Right? 


With the 4K Ultra HD LCD panel, four times the pixels resolution of full HD, you will see perfectly precise detail on it. Sounds like a Netflix day is about to come, speaking of Netflix is available in Sharp's XU Series and UE630x amd also provides higher resolution videos i 4K ultra HD. Moreover 4K is also RICH COLOUR with the luminescent material in the LED backlight, producing more vibrant and diverse colours.  It also have the 4K MASTER ENGINE PRO that is Sharp's unique processing engine built in with powerful upconverter analyzes and enhances FULL HD resolution. The best thing about this is that this is POWERED BY ANDROID. It has a variety of google apps services, Google Play Store, Youtube, Google Chrome and other apps to enhance your excitement. My most favorite is the Google Voice search, you just say what you want to search in front of your dual mode remote control. Easy convenient and fun way to use a television.  In addition to that, you can also get their add on camera, that is detachable and gives you a clear view while you are video chatting with apps. It is really perfect for corporate and family use!

SAMM (Sharp Active Multimedia System)

We were asked to try SAMM but we are so shy to sing our throats out especially me, I love seeing in Karaoke but it seems like singing doesn't want to love me back. Karaoke is loved and is a must in ever occasion here in our country, when i hear karaoke I think of the 'Fiesta-han karaoke machine in where you have to put 5peso coins in order to sing that I lose more than a thousand just to use it. Thank god some karaoke has already been innovated and that Sharp is now have a built in karaoke in their TV that has 1,200 licensed songs. This karaoke is available in 32" and 42" LED Display with a 3 way speaker system, 2 mic inputs, USB Multimedia function (Photo, Music and Video), a TV Tuner function and of course the most important the SCORING SYTEM.  

These are available at all leading appliance stores nationwide, with pricing that starts from PHP 17,998. For more informationg Visit www.sharp.ph or join us on www.facebook.com/SharpPhilippines and Instagram at @Sharp.PH to discover how your holidays can be filled with larger-than-life entertainment


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