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I had been working at home for a month now, many would say that working at home is the easiest job anyone would have because you get to manage your own time. For me, it's not I work as a Fashion and lifestyle blogger and a Video Blogger. When I'm at home, I tend to be lazy cause I work in the comfort of my bed or in our living room in where you'll find me lying around but focused on my laptop. Which is not easy for me. 

My work is not just focused working at home, there are also times in where I have to attend and cover events. Which really sometimes require a long distance travel and keeping up with Manila's traffic. That's why I listed the 3 important things I do to make my work life easier than ever. 

1. I make sure that I enjoy what I am doing, that's the main key of keeping your work. Blogging has always been a huge impact in my life, ever since I was in high school my blog has always been there for me. 

2. Since I do have scoliosis, I make sure to exercise everyday to keep my bones from curving, also as I mentioned earlier that you'll see me lying around working, I have to do several stretches in between works. 

and last but not the least, 

3. I take vitamins, if you are wondering what vitamins I take, it's Fern-C. My mom personally introduced me to it and she reminds me to take it every single day till it became my daily routine. It really helps me to make my life and of course my work life easier. The stress of being able to work at home is the schedule differences that's why sometimes I do get lack of sleep or too much  caffeine. Taking Fern-C really boosts my immunity and gives me more energy to work and be able to socialize with people when I'm in events. This is why I only take Fern-C as my vitamins because since it's SUBOK NA! it's also WORK LIFE AY EASY WITH FERN-C

If you want to know more about Fern-C feel free to visit them at 

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  1. Mom takes Fern-C too. She's really active in her job (night or day shifts) and sometimes I questioned myself "Napapagod pa ba si mama?" She's also the one who introduced me to Fern- C.:)


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