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Online shopping is one of my favorites. It's a less stress of shopping and I have the whole day to chose what I really want to at the comfort of my home. Who doesn't want that right? Physical stores are eating so much time, also some items are so rare and you can't find it in your country, yet in online store just pay shipping and you're good. 

I have always wanted to share with you guys the tips and tricks on online shopping, especially international. The thing about international shopping is that there's just one thing to worry and that is the SHIPPING FEE. Which may cost highly than you expected. 

I learned about EZbuy, or formerly known as 65daigou, was one of the pioneering Taobao purchasing agents in Singapore, I have used their services to get some stuff from Taobao previously and it was a breeze. However, ever since Taobao started their own forwarding services, especially their new PRIME SERVICE

One thing I love about shopping at Taobao is because you can skip the importer, export, distrubutors and retailers. If you are shopping online on eaither the USA online portals like Amazon or Taobao, you might actually find yourself buying from manufacturers directly, Which is a good thing because they can offer you their wholesale price which is also the best bargain everyone will get. 

One thing I really want to try is buy stuff from the US but the high price shipping fee makes me so scared, but with Taobao's Prime Service I really have nothing to worry about.  Let me tell you more about PRIME, it is a subscribed membership programme that enables ezbuy customers to enjou exclusive benefits at only $99.00 per annual of $9.9 per month as a trial. But don't worry they offer FREE 30 days trial first!

If you're paying, i know you're also looking for benefits and here are they 

1. Prime S$2.99 flat international shipping fees. - You can shop millions of global products from ezbuy Prime page and ship at a flat international shipping fee of S$2.99 per check out, regardless of the item's weight or sizes. 

2. There is also Valued added services like ezbuy SVIP benefit which is 50% off normal agent fee 

3. Also a priority to access to USA time sales. So you can shop your favourite USA brands on sales and ship them at only S$2.99 per check out! How cool is that!

Sounds fun and exciting right? What are you waiting for? Register now and shop globally! You can get a $10 voucher when you register with my link -->

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