Who would've thought?

12:01 AM

   So here's the thing, I think I've found the one, no, I know that I've found the one!

I know I can be really picky when it comes to who I let into my life, well isn't that how it should always be? 

Have you always waited for that someone to come into your life, and each would just fall right into place? I myself have been through countless relationships! Most were half-assed, some were better than others, none were ever up to my so-called "standards", and all were never bound to last. 

Tirelessly searching far and wide for "the one", I never expected "the one" to be the one who was always by my side.

Who would've thought that she would be the one for me? That I would find myself running home to her? That we could make this work? Who would've thought that we'd be back in each other's arms? 

She is, was, and always ever will be my best friend. I can't believe that she is now also the one I want to spend the rest of my life with, through every obstacle, and every success. We always thought that ending up together would be nothing but toxic, but these past few weeks have been anything but that. 

I am overjoyed with the fact that we gave us another shot this time around. She is my joy, my heart, and my  She is all I could've ever asked for and more. She is my best friend and so much more. 

I guess life does work in mysterious ways, I guess second chances are sometimes actually worth it, I guess love is truly patient and kind.

Thank you and Happiest Birthday to my bestfriend, my partner in life, my daily 'chicken dinner', my source of happiness and serenity, my heart's burning desire, my greatest blessing, and my only one; for always being the best you can be, for being both my pillar and my anchor, for having the power to be patient and bear with me, for always having my back, for believing in me and helping me to get back up on my feet, for always being there in my times of need, for always being strong enough to help me fight my battles, for teaching me how to love again; and most of all, for trusting me enough to let me back in. 

I will care for you deeply with every star in the sky, up until their last shine. I will fight for you with every single cell that builds up my entire body, up until my last breathe.  
I will love you with all my heart, to the fucking moon and back and back! 

- N.A.

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