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2015 was full of happiness and success for me. It was full of fun, laughter and excitement. And now, I can't believe it has been a year! I am welcoming 2016 a little bit 9-days late for this blog. 
 Heater one Piece from OceaneSwim

BUT! I have three big valid reason first that, first it was really new year, 2nd I was so busy preparing our new year out of town trip and 3rd, I was in Batangas with the HollerMall team & of course, Gabe. 

I can't wait for what's in store for me this 2016. As I said, 2015 was A-AWESOME. what more for this 2016? I can sense my #cdmtravels on instagram will be used more often. I also promised myself that I should post blogs twice a week - and that's the least I can do since I am super busy with work. For many of you will ask "why don't you just shut down your blog and just focus on work?" well for some reasons, this blog is my online diary and this is also my stress reliever. Anyhow... 

I am also releasing a VLOG with my boyfriend this January. We have been planning this for over half a year, we've done our storyboards and stuff. hahaha idk why we made one actually, isn't vlog just on the go videos? but hey we have plans. I hope you can support us on this! You can also follow us on 
instagram: @chescaandgabe

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