Two in One

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On saturday I wore a sweater from Jukaykayatbp that says
"WEEKEND, I LOVE YOU"  and so m 2-day weekend went well. 

I've always wanted to try this mystery solving thingy around manila but I don't have the guts to. One saturday afternoon, my tito made an on the go plan to do Mystery Manila so I gave it a shot.  Mystery Manila has been around for years already and I tried it just now, yes just now. I'm such a sucker for this. For all those people who haven't tried Mystery Manila you better try them now! 

Mystery Manila is a simulated game experience that challenges you and other 5 members of your group to bring your inner Detective spirit, you can solve mysteries in 60-90 minutes depending on the mystery. 

You can visit Mystery Manila for other informations. 

On saturday we split into two groups since we are 10 and there are only 5 members allowed per team. The other team decided to go for Pym Particle, in where you must infiltrate the office of the evil Dr. Cross to prevent the Pym particle from falling into the wrong hands. Unravel the clues and solve puzzles found inside the room, if you don't solve the mystery, you will be left for dead!!!!!

My team decided to go to Virtual Voyage, where you are volunteers in an experimental program to test the boundaries of virtual reality.Unfortunately, the experiment goes wrong and you are inadvertently trapped in the virtual world. OMG what to do?

and guess what? we went inside a room and 

After our first try, we decided to go again the next day, Sunday. Again we split into two groups again and decided to take same mystery together which is CRIME OF THE CENTURY, in where you have to diffuse the bomb in 90 minutes and prevent what can be the Crime of the Century - yes Century because you really have to roam around Century Mall and be a bomb squad! 

After 72 minutes, MYSTERY SOLVED! 

Speaking of Two in One, As I was scrolling thru my facebook news feed, I passed by a 10secs remix of roses and love yourself and it caught me. I run through it on Youtube and here you go, I find a better mash up of it! I've always wanted to try DJ-ing but i'm just too cool for that hahah lol, but seriously thought. 


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