One Caramel Machiato to go!

2:24 PM

"We'd wake up and we'd argue, who said it's going to be perfect from the start?"

Not my usual routine but my usual take. This morning, I woke up, put my maroon pants, the "Weekend i love you" sweater and white sneakers on and off I go. It felt so different waking up with a different routine. I needed comfort food, i took off and run through my favorite starbucks drink, Caramel Machiato and a banana bread. I usually go for a hot but I think I needed a cold one. & now, I am here facing my laptop doing this blog post, I don't know what my agenda is, or whats this post supposed to contribute on my blog. 
Best friends are texting, why, how and when. I reply, See you tomorrow!
" I'm so used to knowing that you love me, I guess that's so. I still can't belive that you are mine. I know you as well as me. How it feels to be alone. It makes it harder for me to ba away from home. "

Along the streets, people looks at me like I've got the whole world falling right on my head. I don't know why, or maybe it's just me? maybe it's just my mind? Also, today I've seen someone posted a book "Before I do" it got my attention and I wanted to have one badly. It is a hilarious heart breaking read for every girl who wants the wedding but not the responsibilities of marriage (at least not yet) - No, I am not engaged that is a disclaimer. 

"I know it's hard to compromise. Cause I can't deny those pretty eyes. You're the one that I live by. Even if it's just for awhile - but how can I even complain? It's never been sad or slightly mundane. I wish I could Change the way the world was made so I could see you face to face"

I'm a fan of reading books, love stories, fairy tales. You know how you read something and it's happy and innocent but as it goes on something changes? the people change, the characters,  the world changes, and nothing is as simple as it used to be. And then the story becomes intense till it slowly slows down and it's not going to end happy. The part of the story in where it ruins something that was so good and pure, and that's when you know you should put down the book and avoid the certain heartache that was sure to come by you - you have to keep on reading. You have to know more about the characters, you need to know what happened and what will happen. You are already in love with the characters and you feel all their pain and suffering, one day you'll get to dream of them, there will be all over your head, wherever you go, whatever you do. You're too attached to the story and the relationship your favorite characters have made. You stick with the book, and just as you thought, the pain comes and it hurts and you cry and you wish you never had the book but you had it, you chose to read it, and you'll endure it because that's what you do when you love something. You endure, and the worst part? when you finish the book, stock it on your shelves after awhile when you've already forgotten. You'll dust  off the book and read it all over again.

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